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2003 International Snow Sculpting Championships

Thank you happy carvers!

Dane, Gee Dub, Miss Jenny, Coach Mikey, Munuz, and Murray

"Coach Mikey goes crazy with the 3 footer"

2003 International Snow Sculpting Championships

Monster Truck

HP Budha

International Snowsculpting Championships 2003

"Who does Budda call for customer support?"

Monster Truck

Monster Truck

Winterskol competition in Aspen 1998

Artists Greg Wellens Mike Lindsay and Jeff Teaford.


Spooky Log

Mountain gecko

by Ken Okazawa

Aspen Winterskol 2001

Artisists, Ken Okazawa and Greg Wellens

"Emerging from the frigid waters"

The kid's bridge at Toontown

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The following images show some variations of what can be done with the size and complexity of Snow Sculpting...


The Bronco Helmet was commissioned by the Aspen Skiing Company for Super Bowl 33. Video footage of skiers skiing through the helmet and jumping off the face mask was recorded and sent out on satellite The footage was picked up by 32 different markets and shown on Super Bowl Sunday.

Artists Greg and Mike Lindsay sit in front of the Super Bowl jump built for the Swatch Boarder Cross.


The next  set of  photos show the progressive stages of building a Snow Sculpture from the initial block of snow to the final product.  The tools of the trade include, shovels, pick-axes, chainsaws, and brute strength...


The Block of Snow with Mike Lindsay

Mike & Greg after digging the initial layout

Mike works with the Chainsaw

Almost complete, Detail is added to the Castle including the Mote below with sea creatures.

Final touches include the flags at the top of the Castle which were made and sculpted out of Ice.

Greg and Mike sit on the final piece!

This is a view of the Finished Castle on a cold winters night 


The next set of images shows the views of a ski through tunnel made by Greg for the upcoming IMAX film "Mountain Magic."   

This view shows the opening being dug out by Greg.

From a distance the complexity of the tunnel can be seen.  Skiers entered from the left, made a loop around and exited through the tunnel.

The tunnel opening shown from where the skiers entered.

This view shows where the skiers exit


The final piece shows Greg walking through the tunnel.  The tunnel was 15 feet in diameter,  40 feet long, and could accomodate a snowcat for grooming.  


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