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Hi I'm Greg, and I love the snow and the cold.  I was born in Colorado in 1972 and have been playing in snow ever since.  My love of skiing and the outdoors has shaped my life since I first strapped on a pair of skis at age four.  I have hotair ballooned, hiked, skied, rafted, climbed, hunted, biked and toured in all of the Western United States.  I am a fully certified Telemark and Alpine ski instructor and have an FAA commercial Lighter Than Tir pilot license. When not digging in the snow I run an outdoor adventure company operating in Aspen, Colorado Springs and Scottsdale and Sedona Az. The companies, Unicorn Balloon and Adventures Out West are the exclusive provider of Jeep tours, Hot Air Balloon rides and Segway Tous for the five star resort, The Broadmoor Hotel.  Since Graduating from Colorado State University in 1995,  I have spent the winters teaching skiing for the Aspen Skiing Company, and carving snow and ice. The summers have been spent directing tours for Adventures Out West and Unicorn Balloon.

Update 2011: Three Kids, Wife, New House and New Dog. Sweet wife Ellen, 5 year old son Owen, 3 year old Nathan and new Baby Christopher Crosby.

My whole life I have dabbled  in art in some way.  I have always enjoyed making pottery and painting  pictures, which I have given as gifts.  I enjoy traveling and creating images of the places I've been.

While teaching skiing  I did my first snow sculpture for the Winterskol competition in Aspen.  A couple of  friends and I spent two days creating a sculpture we were sure would win the competition.  Although we didnĚt win,  we had a great time sculpting, and I was hooked.  Three short years later I found myself in a  back hoe digging a snow tunnel 40 feet long and big enough through which to drive a  snowcat.  Who would of thought it could go this far?  The tools of the trade include, Chainsaws, Pic-axes, shovels, sleds, saws, water and anything else that will cut, melt, chop, dig etc. In recent years I have attended the International Snowsculpting Championships in Breckenridge Colorado as the featured commercial artist. My team and I created four sculptures for the sponsors in three days. More recently I have been playing with Ice and learning how to manipulate a new medium. The ice is quite different and I look forward to more creations.

My goals in snow sculpting are to expand my artistic abilities, push the limits on size and strength of the sculptures and create interactivity with them.  Finally I would like to provide myself with the opportunity to ski around the world all paid for by snow.  

The playgrounds I've built bring the most satisfaction.  To see 50 kids running around , sliding down and climbing back up to do it again is really satisfying.  I would love to see my sculptures in Europe, Asia and South America. 

All of these projects are very labor intensive and I would like to thank a few people.  The Aspen Skiing Company for giving me the opportunity to create these playgrounds,  My art professor, Coach Mikey for inspiration and a strong back,  Jeff  Teaford for helping me put my ideas on paper, Ken Okazawa, Dane Pryce, Andy Munoz, Ryan Murray, Jim Boo Boo bow Guggenhime and all the ski schoolers  who volunteer their time.  Without their help none of these projects could have been completed.That's about it for me.  I hope this Bio gets longer in the near future.  If you have any questions ideas or comments  please call or e-mail at    Gregwellens@Aol.com     or  call me at  970-948-4465.  See you on the slopes.




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